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Former digital strategist for fashion brands, billionaires, VCs, NBA players, MLS soccer players. 💵
Sold DTC shops 🛍
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Who are you?
Max: I'm Max Layn, I was born in south Tunisia with a rare birth defect affecting my larynx. My biological mother could not afford to pay for the surgeries I needed, so I was left abandoned at six months old. Fortunately, I was adopted by a French family who brought me to France for treatment. I spent the first fifteen years of my life in the hospital waiting for a successful surgery. Despite this challenging start, my life has been a rollercoaster of experiences since then..
I go to bed at night after I replied to every single DMs.If you were to describe yourself to a stranger what would you tell them? (hobbies/interests/passions)
Max:As a workaholic, I am always on the go. I have my phone in hand for 20 hours a day, constantly coming up with new ideas and projects to work on. But don't worry, I still have time for the important things in life - like debate club! I love getting into heated discussions about absolutely anything and everything. In fact, some might say I'm a real "debataholic." And despite the chaos of the world around us, I know that at the end of the day, it's all about the people. So let's grab a coffee (or a stiff drink, depending on the day) and chat it up!
I use Future Bikini as an example to empower people who are lacking the motivation to start something.Tell us about Future Bikini and Banana Orgasm? How did they start?
Max: I started Banana Orgasms as a way to express myself and share my message with others. I am passionate about empowering people and fighting against sexual abuse, bullying, and lack of self-confidence. As a result, my brand has grown into a strong and impactful force, with many people reaching out to me to share how my content has helped them feel better and more confident in themselves
Hearing from people who have found my tips helpful and have regained their confidence or their smile after a difficult day is a powerful reminder than you can help the World a little.
I worked for big fashion brands and the most major creative studios as a digital strategist.What was it like starting out as a DJ? What made you want to take the jump to working in fashion?
Max: I arrived in NYC in 2011 after completing my MBA in Marketing. Despite not having a strong level of English, I quickly began to receive a number of Dj gig opportunities in the city. Through word of mouth, I became known as a "Social media coach" for DJs, helping them to improve their marketing skills and become their own PR agency. This led to more Dj gig opportunities and eventually introduced me to the world of fashion. I have since worked with major fashion brands and creative studios as a digital strategist, leveraging my expertise to help them succeed in the digital space.
Instagram brings brands and customers at the same level.How do you think platforms such as Instagram have changed the marketing game for companies?
Max: Instagram has revolutionized the way that brands and customers interact. By creating a level playing field and enabling easy communication between businesses and consumers, Instagram has empowered both parties in the relationship. For brands, this means that they must learn how to leverage the platform in order to effectively connect with their customers and build meaningful relationships. By doing so, they can reap the many benefits of using Instagram, including increased brand awareness, engagement, and sales.
If you want to do something great, do the opposite of those fuckers.How did you build such a big following? Any tips or advice you would like to share?
Max: I used at least 30 strategies, but the most important are the two first simple rules.
1) I'm nice to everyone. I reply to every single person. Being nice is not overrated.
2) I play the long game, and I'm not looking for shortcuts.
Many people today are focused on trying to game social media algorithms and find the latest hacks and techniques to beat the system. In doing so, they risk losing sight of the real purpose of using the platform - to bring value and happiness to people. Instead of focusing on hacks, they should strive to create high-quality content that truly resonates with their audience and provides them with value. By doing so, they can build meaningful connections with their followers and create a truly successful and impactful presence on Instagram.
My final advice is to do the opposite of those cheaters.
I play the long game, they play the short game.What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced working in digital marketing?
Max: In the world of digital, it is unfortunately easy for others to replicate and steal ideas. I have encountered many people who have copied my work without giving credit or compensation. While this can be frustrating, I choose not to let it bother me. Instead, I focus on playing the long game and continuing to create high-quality. I know that in the end, this will be more rewarding and successful than trying to compete with those who are simply copying others' work.
The best is yet to come, stay tuned!Is there anything else you want to tell your followers?
Max: Thank you for following me! Thank you for all the messages I get every day! It's almost becoming hard to read them all. The best is yet to come, stay tuned!

Work history

DTC owner - operator | Shopify Stores

January 2015 - Present
Solo operated multiple Shopify stores with annual revenues ranging from $500k to $1.2 million each. (successfully sold)

Digital Strategist Expert | Fashion brands and celebrities

September 2009 - Present
Digital Strategist for numerous brands and celebrities (worldwide). Directing targeted social media campaigns, developing strategies, running ads, and building brands.

Marketing Consultant | Billionaire venture capitalist

March 2015 - May 2016
Marketing Consultant for a billionaire venture capitalist (Worldwide). Directing targeted social media campaigns, implementing strategies, running ads.

Social Media Consultant / Advisor | Fashion Studios

March 2015 - May 2016
Social Media Consultant / Advisor for the biggest fashion studios (New York). Crafting the path to embrace new strategies and tools in social media.

Digital Strategist Expert | NBA player

April 2014 - March 2016
Digital Strategist for the highest-paid NBA player. Starting from scratch, building brand awareness.

Marketing Advisor | Soccer Player - Red Bulls

March 2014 - February 2016
Marketing Advisor for a player from New York Red Bulls (New York). Starting from scratch, building social media accounts for a young soccer player.